Selling in the Off-Season

happy-senior-couple-front-sale-sign-house-real-estate-32208029One of the best things that the Department of Water Resources has done recently (besides doing their jobs to keep our water safe to drink) is provide an opportunity for people to re-landscape their dead lawns. Their “turf rebate” program offers up to $2.00 for every square foot of lawn that is replaced with drought tolerant landscaping. During this time of year when the lawns are golden brown it is a pleasure to see new landscaping spring up in the neighborhood. One of the best ways to spruce up a tired landscape before putting your house on the market is with new bark or rock, colorful plantings and blooming flowers. Since landscaping is the first impression a potential buyer has of your property this program is a win-win for everyone.

Drought tolerant landscaping or xeriscaping provides the aesthetics of beauty while keeping maintenance and water usage to a minimum. Fall is the chosen time of year for installing new trees and trimming mature plants. Use this as an opportunity to inspire new direction as you contemplate the use of different areas of the yard. Nurseries have drought tolerant plants sections and are ready to help with ideas to re-design for free so long as you purchase the plants with them. There is also the free tree shade program with SMUD. They provide guidance as to the type of trees the meet drought tolerance as well as instructions for proper planting. Re-designing your lawn area can breathe new life into a dated landscape and provide the curb appeal for a quick sale.

One other thought in regards to preparing your home for a fall sale is that you can choose plantings that offer year round color. Plants available in the fall might seem restrictive but force you to think in terms of an ever changing color palette in your yard. This is a good excuse to walk your neighborhood and inventory those homes that spark your interest. What about the design appeals to you? Professional landscape designers appreciate knowing what you are attracted to so if you can bring along photos of plans you like then you’ll begin to see a common theme. This is good information especially if you decide to move to a new home with little or no landscaping. Understanding what specific design elements you like makes choosing much easier especially when you have a lot of choices to make.

Beth Moran is a Broker Associate with REMAX Gold. She holds a Senior Real Estate Specialist certificate (SRES), a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES) and is trained by Pepperdine University in Mediation and Dispute Resolution. You can contact Beth at (916)947-3993 or email her at