What color to paint?

color-schemes-interiorSpring time has been traditionally the season to spruce up the house to get ready for sale. So it stands to reason that paint color becomes very important when considering that expense. I can’t help but think of the scene in The Devil wears Prada where Meryl Streep goes over the process of how colors are chosen by designers and their impact on society. Although haute couture doesn’t dictate interior design colors, designers who submit to House Beautiful and companies like Sherwin Williams do. With that said the newest paint colors for 2016 have been posted and it seems interior designers will now be showing various shades of lilac, plum and creamy blues. There were a few bright colors: a mustardy yellow, green and navy but most of the 21 chosen colors stayed close to blues and light purples.

So what is the best shade to paint the interior when putting a house on the market? I’d choose a neutral that compliments your existing furnishing. If you’re going to stage the home, then choose the colors that best compliment the cabinetry and counter finishes. If your home has been recently updated, then you will want to choose something that showcases your counters and flooring. Any time you can draw the eye back to a particular feature you will reinforce the positive features of the home. Of course the exterior color will make a huge impact as well and if you’re not subject to a Homeowner’s Association you can dictate the color scheme. Again neutrals with striking accents always draw attention and give a feeling of understated elegance. 

There’s some much more to learn about the psychology of color so if you’re interested I’d recommend doing an internet search for that subject and enjoy learning about how to create that perfect space. Please keep in mind that when it comes time to sell your home  remember you’re shopping for the new owner and want to appeal to as many buyers as possible.


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