Aging in Place Survey

Most people think they want to stay in their home until their final day but that’s not necessarily true and I’ve included a reprint of a request by the Sacramento Area on Aging agency below to participate in a survey. Please take a moment and visit their site to fill out the survey so they can better access the needs of our local area.

Do you live in an Age-Friendly Community?  We know the great majority of Americans want to continue living in their own homes as they age.  It’s important to stay active and engaged in every way.  All ages want to live safely and affordably, buy healthy food, socialize and find services they need while aging in place

In collaboration with AARP, the Agency on Aging \ Area 4 (AAA4) is rolling out the Age-Friendly Survey.  As we conduct this needs assessment survey we will be determining priorities that will help us develop our future Area Plans.  In this unprecedented effort to reach out to all 977,000 people age 45+ who now live in our region, we are asking community leaders like you to help spread the word.  Please use your voice to let the people you work with and the people you serve know about this Survey project.  Your responses will be anonymous and will be used only to promote Age Friendly and livable communities for everyone.

Beginning September 1, 2018, the Age-Friendly Survey will be available online at  On our website, you will find a link to the survey along with a media link that will provide you with adaptable marketing tools.  A special aging supplement will be featured in local publications beginning in mid-September.  Watch for the insert What Makes a Community Great?

Written by Pam Miller, Executive Director of the Sacramento Agency on Aging Area 4.